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When I was 5, my grandma had this chair. The phone chair. I called it the phone chair, because it was in the phone room. Other contents of the phone room included, but were also limited to: um. a side table with a phone on it. And also a closet were my grandma kept puzzles […]

So as you can see, last August I was pretty excited about my giant leap for Taylorkind into the 21st century by way of  the purchase of a refurbished 1 GB iPod shuffle. Costing me a grand total of $38. weeeeeee!! Well guess what, fucking hipsters? It turns out, the iPhone or whatever didn’t “change […]

I’ve been having some especially weird dreams lately. One night last week, I fell asleep in my chair with Daisy in my lap, and I woke up and started crying because 1)I dreamed my leg was turning into my dog,  and 2) that’s fucking scary! However, my most effeded-up of dreams of all-time is a […]

NOTE: On 03/28/2010, this entry was reposted on She Thought, a site dedicated to the women of science and skepticism. _________ I blog, if only briefly, in the spirit of Ada Lovelace Day: Though she may have been as far away from “tech” as one could get in the world of science, Rachel Carson is […]

Mr. Q and I recently combined households to form a supergroup of short people and lazy dogs.  Due in large part to our mutual “blah” interior design aesthetic, a majority of our chairs, tables, textiles, etc married quite well when we squished them all into the same apartment. Allow me a moment to define the […]

We are tiny, wimpy, and also (one of us more so than me) complainy people.  So I think I can safely say, neither were exactly looking forward to this day.  However we managed to successfully assemble one bookcase today, and everyone is still alive. Teamwork! For instructional and inspirational purposes, I would like to share […]

I’m in love with a video game nerd. Not your typical video game nerd, an actual video game nerd. I’m still working on convincing him to help me make educational video games for 1st graders so I can quit my day my job , and we can live happily ever after as business partners. But […]