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One day I just want to be sitting in the State Employee Food Court area, and lock eyes with a man across the room. Of course, I want it to be Ira Glass, but I’m not sure how often he lunches at the State offices. Anyway. blah, blah, blah, lock eyes. And then! Seemingly out […]

Step 1 “Espresso button” two Intense Dark Roasts in the Flaviator. Top with lid, walk to car and set aside in one of the vehicle’s cupholder. Step 2 Drive to Burger King Step 3 Purchase a Mocha Joe Step 4 Drink 1/3 of Mocha Joe as quickly as possible while driving to office. Step 4.5 […]

Today we have a story for you about doin’ it… with me. I’m Ira Glass. This a story about a girl, but not just any girl. This is a girl who so beautiful, you can tell that she’s beautiful through the radio. This is a girl who is so smart, I feel the need to […]

We’ve been watching the This American Life Showtime series on Netflix the last few days, because I don’t get enough Ira Glass by listening to NPR non-stop. Have I mentioned how much I want to sex Ira Glass? …Apparently I have. Anyway. Yesterday after several hours of Carlos making fun of Ira Glass, (no doubt […]