How To: Mocha Carbomb! Chug, Chug, GOOOO!


Step 1

“Espresso button” two Intense Dark Roasts in the Flaviator. Top with lid, walk to car and set aside in one of the vehicle’s cupholder.

Step 2

Drive to Burger King

Step 3

Purchase a Mocha Joe

Step 4

Drink 1/3 of Mocha Joe as quickly as possible while driving to office.

Step 4.5 (Optional)

Sipping Mocha Joe at a moderately slower pace is acceptable if there’s a good story on NPR and you plan on sitting in your car in the parking deck until it’s over.

Good morning, Ira

Step 5

Before getting out of the car, pour the shots of Dark Roast into remaining Mocha Joe.  Congrats, you’ve just successfully assembled a Mocha Carbomb!

Step 6

Consume Mocha Carbomb before completing 2 block walk to office.

Step 7

(most likely) Vomit relentlessly.

Unless you’re a real man, like me. In which case, you gain one chest hair and level up! WTG!


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