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Remember when I found a Drive-Thru Starbucks in Savannah? FTW! This has been your random moment in history for April 25, 2010. Advertisements

When I was 5, my grandma had this chair. The phone chair. I called it the phone chair, because it was in the phone room. Other contents of the phone room included, but were also limited to: um. a side table with a phone on it. And also a closet were my grandma kept puzzles […]

Remember when I beat Michael J. Fox at Peggle on Xbox live? This has been your random moment in history for April 15, 2010. A special shout out on this one to Lord Cinderbottom, for he is the reason I love games.

Step 1 “Espresso button” two Intense Dark Roasts in the Flaviator. Top with lid, walk to car and set aside in one of the vehicle’s cupholder. Step 2 Drive to Burger King Step 3 Purchase a Mocha Joe Step 4 Drink 1/3 of Mocha Joe as quickly as possible while driving to office. Step 4.5 […]

Remember when that dragon attacked my car? This has a been your random moment in history for April 06, 2010.

So as you can see, last August I was pretty excited about my giant leap for Taylorkind into the 21st century by way of  the purchase of a refurbished 1 GB iPod shuffle. Costing me a grand total of $38. weeeeeee!! Well guess what, fucking hipsters? It turns out, the iPhone or whatever didn’t “change […]

I’ve been having some especially weird dreams lately. One night last week, I fell asleep in my chair with Daisy in my lap, and I woke up and started crying because 1)I dreamed my leg was turning into my dog,  and 2) that’s fucking scary! However, my most effeded-up of dreams of all-time is a […]