It Always Comes Back… To Sexing Ira Glass!


Today we have a story for you about doin’ it… with me. I’m Ira Glass. This a story about a girl, but not just any girl. This is a girl who so beautiful, you can tell that she’s beautiful through the radio. This is a girl who is so smart, I feel the need to take off my own perfectly nerdy glasses and slide them onto her perfect little face. This girl* is so amazing, that on tonight’s episode, we’re gonna DO IT!

I’m Ira Glass, and you’re listening to This American Porno.

I love you, Taylor. So hard.

Our story tonight comes to you in one act, because all the other acts are too naughty for public radio. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!

*Note: This girl is me, Taylor. Ira Glass wants to do it with ME! True story**

**Not a true story.


2 Responses to “It Always Comes Back… To Sexing Ira Glass!”

  1. This is fucking amazing.

  2. Searched for an image of Ira, just to see what was behind that….voice. *stupid smile*
    Saw your image, announced to my loving husband that I am now in love with Ira Glass…then I read your post. I’m next in line, ok?


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