…And That’s 38,746th Moment I Realized I’m So Nerdy.


I’m in love with a video game nerd. Not your typical video game nerd, an actual video game nerd. I’m still working on convincing him to help me make educational video games for 1st graders so I can quit my day my job , and we can live happily ever after as business partners. But I digress.

Although I’m still trying to find the appeal of sitting around shooting at giant alien ants, I’ve gotten Dear Carlos to appreciate the awesomeness of Popcap. Namely Peggle (which I’m earning the achievement points for him on Xbox)  and my new favorite of all time, Plants vs Zombies (although I think I love the music video more than the game.) (Just like this kid.) (But I digress.) (Again.)

Several days ago Carlos asked me what it is I like about these games. To which I sheepishly replied, “Lord Cinderbottom.”

I had never really thought about it, so his question actually got me thinking.  Because I like to know everything. Yesterday I arrived to the conclusion that I like to play games that seem simple enough, but you can develop complex strategies. I told this to Carlos and his response was “Ooh. Talk dirty to me.” I then somewhat regretted spending the previous three days considering his initial question so seriously.

Basically, I like to escape in a simplistic game for the sole purpose of overthinking it.

Several months ago I spent about two weeks wrapped up in a flash game that I don’t even know how I stumbled upon it (EDIT: yes I do. I was bored at work), Filler. First of all, it has a naughty name.  Within the five minutes of playing this game, I was hooked.  Captivating plot? No. Complex character development? No. Mind-blowing graphics? Uh, no.

The reason I played this game non-stop until the carpal tunnel set in; science. SCIENCE! I immediately found this game a fascinating analogue to the study of fluid mechanics.  I coupled bouts of absent-mindedly clicking the mouse, with the opportunity to study up on some fluid dynamics, brownian motion, particle theory. I even went searching for a 25 page lab report I wrote in an Advanced Chemistry lab course during college.

…Isn’t that sad?


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