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We are tiny, wimpy, and also (one of us more so than me) complainy people.  So I think I can safely say, neither were exactly looking forward to this day.  However we managed to successfully assemble one bookcase today, and everyone is still alive. Teamwork! For instructional and inspirational purposes, I would like to share […]

We’ve been watching the This American Life Showtime series on Netflix the last few days, because I don’t get enough Ira Glass by listening to NPR non-stop. Have I mentioned how much I want to sex Ira Glass? …Apparently I have. Anyway. Yesterday after several hours of Carlos making fun of Ira Glass, (no doubt […]

I’m in love with a video game nerd. Not your typical video game nerd, an actual video game nerd. I’m still working on convincing him to help me make educational video games for 1st graders so I can quit my day my job , and we can live happily ever after as business partners. But […]