Los Perros y Burritos


In two days I begin an online Spanish course. I had a short-lived back-and-forth in my head over what would be more effective, online or classroom instruction. Ultimately I chose online, because the course started sooner and I’m plagued with “I Want It Now” syndrome.

There are many obvious benefits of developing a basic understanding of the Spanish language. It’s vocabulary-building, resume-building, as well as the native language of my dear Carlos. However, for me the overwhelming factor for this pursuit is quite simple. I want to overhear Carlos’s phone calls.

I’ve always thought one of the best ways to get to know someone is to eavesdrop on their phone calls. It’s the quickest route to, and a big part of an honest and open relationship.  Unfortunately, I can’t understand a damn thing Carlos discusses on the phone with his family.

This drives me insane to no end.

I can ask him to summarize his conversation for me once a call has ended. But I can’t help but feel he’s holding back.

I have no understanding of Spanish grammar, and unless he’s reviewing the Taco Bell menu, I can’t pick up on any vocab words either.  I’m constantly certain I hear him say “perros” (one of the few words beyond the cuisine lexicon I’m familiar with), but he never admits to phone discussions involving  antics of Daisy and The Bij.

I want Quinones family gossip! And I want it now!


2 Responses to “Los Perros y Burritos”

  1. 1 Etta

    Good words.

  2. Amazing, I didn’t heard about that up to now. Thanx!

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